Why Americans Can’t Prevent Mass Shootings

November 7th, 2017

(This short letter from me showed up on the Chicago Tribune site “Voice of the People”. Occasionally the Tribune posts my words.)

“People seemed shocked by the massacre at the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. I don’t understand why they are. We have frequent mass killings in this country. Hardly a week goes by that somebody doesn’t fire up a group of people. That is the American way.

Liberals cry out for tighter gun control. Some conservatives say that we actually need more guns in the hands of churchgoers. I don’t think that the number of guns available matters that much. The issue goes much deeper than that.

The fact is that we, as Americans, truly believe that violence solves problems. This shows up domestically, and it is an integral part of our nation’s foreign policy. We somehow have come to the conclusion that a bullet or a bomb will make the correct and final decision for us in any given situation.

It is irrelevant how many firearms there are if we believe that killing others makes sense.”

— Francis Pauc, Oak Creek, Wis.


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