February 23rd, 2018

“Every step you take should be a prayer”- Wounded Knee

“We are on a spiritual journey.” I have heard that over and over during the last five days. It’s true. We are surrounded by an invisible world filled with beings who move us and guide us. They might be ancestors. They might be angels. They might be God.

It seems like we pray all the tome. We pray before we eat. We pray before walk and after we walk. We pray at the start of the day and at the end. The type of prayer is meant to be inclusive. More than once I have heard someone say, “Pray the way you know how.” We have Christians among us. We have Buddhists. We have people who follow the traditional Native American beliefs. It doesn’t matter. We all pray together. We pray as one.

We participate in ritual. We sing. We drum. We chant. We sprinkle tobacco into the clear waters of a mountain river. We burn sage. We share a pipe. We share a meal. We walk.

Prayer is not just words. Prayer is a way of being. It is being connected with everything  else in the universe. It is beyond words.

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