Tearing Families Apart

June 14th, 2018

Recently, I had the same letter printed in the Chicago Tribune, the Capitol Times, and the Racine Journal Times. Trifecta.

The article is as follows:

“There is suddenly outrage about children of immigrants being separated from their parents when families illegally cross the U.S. border. Many of these families are fleeing from violence in Central American countries, and the entire reason for the journey to the United States to keep their children safe. That our federal government is making a point of taking these children from their parents is extraordinarily cruel and senseless.


I find it odd that people are not nearly as outraged when immigration and customs enforcement takes parents from away from their children. I.C.E. has been tearing immigrant families apart for years. This has occurred under the Obama administration, as well as under our current regime. Undocumented mothers and fathers have been deported, leaving their children abandoned. Taking parents from their kids is just as cruel and senseless as taking children from their mothers. The effect is the same.

Our government should stop destroying immigrant families, on the border or anywhere else.”


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