A Clear Day

July 19th, 2018

I went for a very long walk this morning.

There are some days, but not many, when the air is so clear and the sun is so bright that all things seem too colorful, too intense to be real. The sky is too blue. The leaves are too green. Objects at a distance appear in razor sharp focus. The world outside seems suddenly overwhelming. Today was like that. It would been so easy to stay inside. I didn’t. I went out and I was immediately blown away by reality.

I walked from our house to the Pick n Save grocery store. The route is almost exactly four miles. Most of the way goes along a bike path. There is not much traffic. It’s quiet. It took me a little over an hour to get to the store.

Walking forces me to slow down, physically and spiritually. That is a good thing. When I walk, I see things. I hear things. I feel things. I am in the moment, at least for a while.

We live in a low-lying, wet area. I walked past marshes on my way. I could see the tall grasses, the cattails, and the thickets of willows along the bike trail. On the edge of the path were black-eyed-susans, goldenrod, and thistles. The air was full of the floating seeds of the cottonwoods. Blackbirds with orange piping flew past me. The wind was warm and from the south.

I had no good reason to go to the store. We already had everything we needed at home. Yesterday Karin had baked some red current/chocolate cakes. I bought some whipping cream to go with the cake. Karin was happy about that when she came home from knitting. I also bought some craft beer. That was for me.

The walk home was the same, but just a little bit warmer. I sweat a bit more. On the way home I could clearly see the stacks from the power plant on the lake shore. The two stacks were spewing steam in a northerly direction. The south wind blew through the trees and the cornfields. Oak Creek is a suburban community, but we still have a few farm fields. Every year brings a new subdivision. I watched one being built along Ryan Road on my way back home. Ripping up the land is called “development” or “progress”, but it always makes me sad.

I got home tired. Our dogs wanted me to take them out upon my arrival. Why not? I was the tired one. They weren’t. I took them out.

I drive when I must. I walk when I can. I especially like to walk at sunrise.

That is when I can know God.





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