February 23rd, 2019

Yesterday the Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin, posted another letter from me. Once again, I wrote about immigrant rights. I am passionate about that issue.

The article is as follows:

“Dear Editor: The Trump administration recently announced that asylum seekers would be required to remain in Mexico while they wait for a decision as to whether they can reside in the United States. This policy is both illegal and immoral. It violates both U.S. and international law. A country cannot force a person seeking asylum to wait outside its borders. This defeats the entire point of asylum. A person seeking asylum is doing so out of fear for his or her life. People trying to get asylum status in the United States are doing so because they feel that they are safe only when they are in the United States. If refugees thought they would be safe in Mexico, they would apply for asylum in Mexico.

In practical terms, forcing asylum seekers to remain in Mexico greatly diminishes their chances of ever being accepted into the United States. There is an extremely high standard of proof required from asylum seekers to show that they are in danger. It is nearly impossible for an asylum seeker, especially those who do not speak English, to prove their case. They almost always need access to a lawyer. The Trump administration is ensuring that these people do not have access to legal counsel. The federal government is doing everything it can to make sure that these refugees will not get a fair shake.

Trump and his associates are hell bent on keeping the poor and the desperate out of the United States. Our government wants to exclude anybody who really needs to be here with us. This is a tragedy and an obscenity.”


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