June 3rd, 2019

This article appeared today in the Capital Times of Madison, WI. I’m very grateful that they used it, but I have to get into some more mainstream media. I need to reach a larger population, a population that does not agree with me. I need to make people think, and I need them to make me think.

Anyway, it is as follows:

“President Trump and his comrades, Pompeo and Bolton, seem determined to embroil our country in a war with Iran. I don’t understand why they want this conflict. We are already at war in a number of countries: Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and God only knows where else. The United States has been constantly at war for 18 years, and Trump simply wants to up the ante.

It amazes me that so many people in our country are OK with our military engaging in additional violence. They don’t seem to understand the effects of war. Maybe they don’t want to understand.

I was an officer in the U.S. Army, but I never fought in a war. My son did. He fought in Iraq. He killed people there, and he got wounded. I know the costs of war through his experiences. For me, war is something that is up close and personal. It’s real. For Trump, Pompeo and Bolton, it’s just a game.”

2 thoughts on “Iran”

    1. I didn’t understand your comment at first. Karin had to help to translate your meaning. If you meant that Trump and his helpers are okay with sacrificing other people to get what they want, then you are correct. Trump and Bolton and Pompeo would gladly let other people die for them.


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