June 29th, 2019

This article from me was printed/posted in the Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) today.

Maybe it’s worthwhile.

“President Trump has recently pledged to deport “millions of illegal aliens.” He plans on beginning this process within the next few days. Trump loves to use hyperbole, and he loves to make exaggerated promises to motivate his political base. He has often backpedaled on statements when reality has raised its ugly head. However, the president has consistently followed through on threats made to undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers. His animosity toward these people is palpable. His actions concerning immigration have usually matched his words.

So, perhaps we should take Trump at his word. Maybe he really does plan on deporting millions of immigrants. The effects of his actions would be catastrophic, and not just in a humanitarian sense. Deporting that many workers and consumers would be devastating to American industry and agriculture. It would cause immense chaos. It could very easily throw this country into a recession. Has he actually thought any of this through?

Let’s say that Trump is just talking nonsense, and he does not plan on deporting that many people. The damage is done. He has already terrified millions of people. Perhaps that has been his intention all along.”


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