The Border

December 21st, 2019

The following letter from me was posted in the Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin. It also made it into the Racine Journal Times.

“Dear Editor: We don’t hear much about immigration anymore. The news media don’t report on the topic. The politicians are busy with other issues. It seems like there are no more problems at our southern border. That’s not true.

The migrants and asylum seekers are still at the border, desperately trying to find safety in the United States. There are still hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, in places like Juarez, Mexico, camping in parks and streets. There are still destitute people who have no home.

How do I know this?

I went to El Paso and Juarez. I saw these people. I know who they are. I met them.

I was in Juarez with a small group from the Catholic Coalition for Migrants and Refugees. We spent five days living the migrants’ world. It’s a scary place. It’s a dangerous place.

The Trump administration did not solve the crisis at the border. It just shoved the problem a couple miles further south. The suffering and fear are still there. Most people just can’t see it.

I did.”

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