Whose Rights?

May 10th, 2020

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is printing a letter from me in the paper today. I don’t often get into the Journal, so it will be interesting what effect the letter has, if any.

My short essay is as follows:

“I have found the recent demonstration against the “safer-at-home” lock down to be disturbing. I sympathize with some of the grievances of the protesters in Madison, and, like them, I am concerned about losing my constitutional rights. However, I think that we need to balance our individual rights with the needs of the community as a whole. With rights go responsibilities. I may have the right to expose myself to COVID-19, but I do not have the right to expose others to an infection I may have.

I bothered me that people showed up at the demonstration carrying firearms. I am an Army vet, and I am familiar with weapons. Sometimes, I go shooting with my eldest son, who also happens to be a veteran. I understand that those persons who showed up at the event with guns have the right to do so. However, that decision does not seem smart or safe to me. Why bring a weapon to a gathering where emotions are running high? Just because a person can do something, does not mean that they should.”

We live in such strange times. Maybe every generation lives in strange times.

I am certainly not bored.

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