March 9th, 2021

On Thursday evening Karin and I ate meatloaf for supper. This was extraordinary because, in our thirty-six years of marriage, we have never cooked meatloaf. It’s not that we have anything against meatloaf per se, it’s just that it has never really appealed to us. Meatloaf is an old fashioned kind of comfort food; a relic of meals in years past. Of course, if a person does not have fond memories of meatloaf, it is hard to be nostalgic. My mom made meatloaf. It seldom turned out well. I don’t know why. Maybe she overcooked it. I just remember that it often had the flavor and texture of drywall. I never had the ambition to replicate that eating experience.

So, why did Karin and I dine on meatloaf?

Because a friend from our church gave it to us.

Sharon is a member of small cabal at St. Rita who have chosen to provide Karin and myself with homecooked meals twice a week. This is truly a godsend. As we care for our three-month-old grandson, Asher, Karin and I find little or no time to cook. Even if we found the time, we wouldn’t have the energy or motivation to stand in front of a hot stove. So, it is awesome that the folks from our parish are helping us in this fashion. They aren’t the only people looking out for us. Chris from the Zen sangha brought us soup. Heidi from Voces de la Frontera cooked for us too. As did Mary from Catholics for Peace and Justice. It all helps.

Asher is a wonderful little boy, but he is labor intensive. He needs to be fed, cleaned, and comforted. Sometimes, I just carry him in my arms for a while until he falls asleep. That qualifies as my walking meditation practice. All these things take time, and they can occur at any time of night or day.

Karin freaked me out yesterday when she told me that she thought that she was getting sick. It turns out that she is okay, but I don’t know how I would have cared for both Asher and her. Asher is a two-person job. Karin and I work in shifts, and there is no slack in the system. I know that single moms raise their babies, but I can’t imagine how they do it. That is beyond me.

Right now we are enjoying a moment of blessed peace. Karin is in bed, getting some much needed rest. Asher sleeps near me, looking like the cherub that he is. He smiles when he sleeps. I also smile when he sleeps.

Karin and I are going to send Sharon a thank you note.

The meatloaf was really good.

One thought on “Meatloaf”

  1. Frank, nice story. Meatloaf is fast food here and you can flavor it any way you want. Condiments and spices too. I make it into mini meat loaves as well so they take less time and you have portions. I think you are doing a fine job with your little grandson. You are storing up many blessings.


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