Flying Pigs

April 24th, 2016


I asked Hans if he had heard about the guy in Georgia who had filled up a riding mower with Tannerite, and then blown it up with a rifle bullet. The shrapnel from the explosion had taken the man’s leg off.


Hans shook his head and said, “That guy was an idiot.”


I asked Hans, “Have you ever used Tannerite to blow up things?”


He said, “Yeah, but now the government won’t let you buy the explosive in bulk. It takes a while to get enough to make a boom.”


“What did you blow up?”


“Well, me and a friend went hunting feral hogs. We filled up a metal drum with Tannerite. We lured in went the pigs with sweet corn, and then we shot at the barrel with a rifle. But, we took cover behind the pick up truck. We weren’t out in the open.”


“What happened?”


“The barrel blew up. I went looking for the hogs. They were all over the place. There was one fifty feet away.”


Hans thought for a moment, and said, “Yeah, it was kind of a mess.”

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