How Much?

April 24th, 2016


Hans was talking to us about the house fire. He showed us a picture of the ruin that used to be his Harley. Hans told me that the motor melted in the heat of the blaze. He started mentioning other things that he had lost. Hans had no renters insurance, so what he lost really is lost.


Hans said, “What hurts is losing those guns and all that ammo.”


I asked Hans, “So, how much ammo did you have in the house?”


Hans replied, “About twenty thousand rounds.”


“How much?!”


“Twenty thousand rounds.”


“Twenty THOUSAND rounds?!”


Hans looked at me like I was either deaf or stupid, and said, “Yes, twenty thousand rounds. Why?”


“And you needed that much ammo for what?”


“Well, it wasn’t for something stupid, like a zombie apocalypse. It was for martial law.”


“You’re expecting martial law?”


Hans smiled and said, “You never know.”




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