Chrysler 300

April 25th, 2016

Hans called last night. He was in the mood to talk.


Hans said, “Dad, you know about Killeen, Texas?”


“Yeah, it’s a pit.”


“How do you know that?”


“I had buddies at Fort Hood back in ’80. Killeen was nasty.”


Hans said, “Well, it hasn’t got any better since then. Do you know about the ‘Chrysler 300’ ?”


“No, what is it?”


Hans said, “Well, it’s this gang, and most of them are in jail now.”




“Attempted manslaughter. The initiation for the club is that a new guy has to try to run a biker off the road.”


“That sucks.”


Hans sighed, “Yeah, well, I actually got run off the road by one of these guys. He didn’t know I was carrying. I got off the bike, started shooting, and I emptied the clip into the back of his car. I blew out his rear window and put some holes in his trunk. I didn’t hit him. He drove away. He never reported it. I checked the news for the next couple days. I didn’t report it either, because the Army would have taken away my motorcycle privileges.”


“I guess it was good for both of you that you didn’t hit him.”


“Yeah, it would have been self-defense, but it would have been an ugly trial.”


“You would have needed a good lawyer.”


Hans laughed, “Yeah, a really good lawyer.”


I miss my little boy.



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