Another Senseless Act

August 16th, 2017

A few minutes ago, I was walking Shocky, our daughter’s border collie. Shocky and I both need exercise, so I like to walk with her down Oakwood Road, as far as the railroad tracks, and then home again. That is about a two mile walk, and it takes us the better part of an hour to accomplish.

Today Shocky was not feeling up to par, and she needed to stop often to relieve herself. I decided that we would turn around early. We halted shortly after we turned back toward home. I was watching Shocky take care of her business. When she was done I looked up ahead just in time to see a nearly-full bottle of Sprite flying toward me. The passenger in an oncoming vehicle had tossed it at us. The bottle skidded across the pavement, ricocheted off my sandal, and bounced into the ditch next to me. I never saw the person in the car, and I was barely even aware that a car had whizzed by me. It was kind of a low-tech drive by. I’m not sure if the thrower had intended to hit me or the dog. I don’t think I will ever know.

Now that Shocky and I are at home again, I wonder that that incident was all about. I suspect there were two knuckleheads in that car. The passenger probably said,

“Hey, Dude, I bet I can hit that dog with the Sprite!”

“No way. You’ll never hit her.”

“Here, Man!  Watch this!”

Or maybe, the passenger in the car just launched the bottle on a whim. He saw the dog and me, and tried to find our strike zone. Who knows?

Sheer idiocy. Nobody got hurt, but the act was still remarkably stupid.

There have been a large number of senseless acts in the news recently. Events that simply defy explanation.  Are humans just irrational? Is that what it comes down to?


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