Bluebonnets and Pit Bulls

March 20th, 2018

Karin and I saw some bluebonnets growing while we were driving through the Texas countryside. They are just starting to bloom. More often we saw fields of Indian paint brushes. The dogwoods were blooming too. Once in a while, we saw the bright lilac- colored flowers of a red bud tree. The live oaks were just getting their first leaves. Springtime in Texas can be beautiful.

Eastern Texas generally has only two types of weather. Either it is insanely hot with high humidity, or the land is scourged by wicked thunderstorms. The storms are torrential downpours. I have never seen a light rain in Texas. It’s either a sauna or a monsoon.

Being mid-March, the temperatures were not yet extreme. We had a couple days up in the 80’s. Those were like summertime conditions for Karin and myself. We could sit out in Hans’ patio, and watch the dogs chase each other on the ragged remains of his lawn.

Hans and Gabby have three dogs. Gabby owns two of them. She has male German shepherds, named George and Elvis, Hans has a pit bull terrier puppy named Hank. Hank is white with a couple black patches. His eyes don’t match. One eye looks brown and the other is sky blue. (It reminds me a little of David Bowie). Hank does puppy things. He demands attention, runs around like crazy, and he pees and poops everywhere. Hans asked Gabby if she wants a baby. She replied, “Not any time soon.”

Hans is good with dogs, and dogs are good for him. He is considerably more relaxed when he has his puppy with him. He cuddles and plays with Hank. Hans occasionally cleans up after the dog, usually at Gabby’s urging. Dogs are good for unconditional love and affection. God knows that Hans needs that sometimes.




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