Aye, Me Bucko

April 1st, 2021

My friend, Ken, a fellow writer and denizen of Lake Park Synagogue, sent me a link to an a cappella Pesach song from the Jewish group, Six 13. The ditty is called “Red Sea Shanty: A Pirate Passover”. I found the music and the lyrics to be hilarious. Others might not find them so funny. It depends partly on a person’s familiarity with the the celebration of the Passover.

It also depends on how fundamentalist a person is about their spiritual path.

I have a litmus test for any and all religious traditions. I look for a sense of humor. If I find none, I flee.

I have no use for zealots of any stripe. If I see those grim faces and wild eyes, I head for the exit. There is a population that lives for the idea of “us and them”. They know that they have the truth. They know that they have the answer. They act accordingly.

I want to be with people who can laugh. I want to be with people who can laugh at themselves. Francis of Assisi had an excellent sense of humor. He understood the absurdity in his own life.

God does not always take us seriously. Why should we?

Here is the link to the Red Sea Passover…


2 thoughts on “Aye, Me Bucko”

  1. That was great! Thanks for the link. Humor is my saving grace. Never take yourself or anything too seriously is my motto.


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