Snow in Springtime

March 25th, 2023

It’s still rather dark outside, even though it is nearly 7:00 AM. The snow is steadily falling, and the wind is twisting the tree branches, all of which are heavily laden. The limbs on the pine tree out front of the house are bending almost to the ground. It is a heavy, wet kind of snow, more like slush really. We might wind up with five inches or more. Eventually, I will have to clear the driveway. There is no rush. The streets haven’t even been plowed yet.

There are only two weeks until Pesach/Easter. Yesterday, the weather was clear and sunny, and not terribly cold. Our thoughts were of springtime, daffodils and tulips. I guess got our hopes up too soon. The daffodils were just starting to peek out of the ground. Now, they are buried again under all this sloppy white stuff. We won’t see them again until the snow melts away.

I was thinking about going to the synagogue this morning, but I won’t. I’m certain that the roads are nasty and slick. This will be a day to hunker down and stay home. Asher, our toddler grandson, might be able to build another snowman. He’ll like doing that with his mama. My wife, Karin, will most likely spend time in her craft studio, and work on a new weaving project.

I’ll shovel.

Right now, I think I will make a pot of coffee, and then sit in the kitchen to watch the snow silently fall from the sky.

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